JP+Co helps executives move forward.

When they need to peer into the unknown, tune out the noise, and step into their future.

We understand. Across 20 years, we’ve been helping clients see their next step, craft elegant solutions, and thread multiple needles at the same time.

So you’re ready for whatever comes next.

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JP+Co helps executives move forward
Coaching for individuals + teams

Coaching for individuals + teams

Ambitious people find themselves in new territory all the time.

That puts their teams into new places, too.

We work with you to develop your leadership abilities. And learn new ones.

Then we help your team step into courage, add to its capabilities, and have more confidence and trust in each other and themselves.

For Individuals:
After creating a foundation with an assessment, qualitative 360, and an in-depth interview, we’ll work with you on objectives planning, and coaching for communication and leadership skills: storytelling, visioning, execution, and delegation.

For Teams:
After completing their assessments, we’ll plan your team’s training (workshops, seminars, or pure coaching) for communication, delegation, collaboration, and ideation. With a combination of  group plus individual coaching (or group plus small group plus individual coaching).

Talent consulting + organizational effectiveness

Put 20 years of consulting experience by your side, with ideas and lessons learned for systems, structures, processes, talent, and team scenarios.

For Individuals:
1:1 consulting for envisioning, strategic thinking, strategic planning, strategy management, and strategy implementation.

For Teams:
Consulting about and with teams for onboarding, integration, development, and performance management. Always with an eye toward better performance and retention.

Talent consulting + organizational effectiveness
Meeting Facilitation - James Papiano Executive Coaching


Offsite retreats designed and facilitated, to exceed results from in-office meetings.

Discover and share new perspectives. Advance decisions. And improve team functioning.

Our facilitators help make it happen.

Grow your impact.

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