The whole picture.
And everything that made it.

You have an impact on your own path, your team’s, and the organization’s.

And they impact you.

So we engage all three levels. With coaching, learning, and organizational development. And bringing deep expertise in processes, practices, planning, and design.

Whatever your picture looks like now, and whatever picture you see for your future, we can help.

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James Papiano Executive Coaching
Executive coaching for teams
Executive coaching for individuals

Our team helps yours.
Even when you’re a team of one.

We’ll ensure different perspectives and options are always considered, helping you anticipate outcomes and navigate the best path. We’re the sounding board, the stand-in for other stakeholders, and the voice of experience — we’ve been doing this for 20 years.

So even your team of one includes experts in the systems that make an organization tick.

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Our Values

Something new. Every day.

Real change requires planning, implementation, and adjustments.

That takes time.

Sometimes you’ll need to start with the adjustments — quick fixes that get things moving.

But we’ll always bring you back to the long view, the bigger outcomes.

Your new picture.

Tomorrow will be bigger.

We’ll help you develop resilience, embrace challenges, learn from your setbacks, and relentlessly improve.

The curious, grow.

Join your curiosity to ours, to fuel creativity, drive intellectual exploration, and foster personal growth, innovation, and a deeper understanding of the world around us.

Good judgement, cultivated.

Great futures are made with good decision-making.

It’s how we navigate complex situations, mitigate risks, and achieve positive outcomes for our clients and ourselves.

None of us are better than all of us.

Our business is based on collaboration. It’s how we harness diverse perspectives, foster innovation, and improve problem-solving.

This is the way to move forward when you want to empower clients to achieve their goals, promoting personal growth and mutual understanding.

We give, you receive. Then you give, and everyone - including your business - benefits.

Generosity powers our relationships with clients.

Through empathy, compassion, and strong interpersonal connections, we’re all enriching lives.

So you always have the long view.

Our deep commitment to learning empowers our clients to adapt, evolve, and stay relevant.

It’s how they foster innovation, attract and retain talent, and advance on their business priorities.

Our Values - James Papiano + Co.

"We are working on ALL of the things that I think are most important to my leadership and growth!"

"I learned how to develop and sustain trust by productively challenge some of my most ingrained thinking habits."

"I understand now that my performance is directly effected by my self care."

"The habits I've developed working with you have been life-changing. I am so grateful for that."

"There is huge value JP+Co is bringing by staying on top of all our work with you, driving ideation, and being a resource to all members of the team."

Grow your impact.

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