Change the Game

We are a coaching and consulting firm that works with leaders, teams, and organizations to help them increase their capacity for complexity, uncertainty, and mastering the change necessary to advance on their business priorities.

Work and life have always been inextricably linked for me, ever since I was conscripted into my father’s small construction business in my early years. As a teen, I made my first “career” move when I started as a server at a nearby retirement community after school. This was a more typical workplace with all of the complexity and personalities you’d expect. I immediately sensed the tensions around me (and frankly, within me). I could see how straightforward workflows were consistently derailed due to a lack of teamwork, poor communication, or the status dynamics that are ever present in groups of people. I wasn’t so articulate about it back then, but I could see that working for a paycheck meant navigating the challenges of a workplace, learning the ins and outs of human teams and groups and politics, and integrating work and life. I thought it was too bad that so many people were so unhappy and I could see how this effects business outcomes. Thus, began my life-long drive to make businesses more profitable and people more engaged at work.

Much has changed for me since then. For example, I now leave “happiness” to individuals, and focus instead on enhancing the work environment, improving business systems, structures, and processes, and catalyzing personal performance for our clients. But, what hasn’t changed is a belief that given a willingness (or a market imperative) — and the right tools, information and support — every business and every person in it can improve their experience and their performance. And, of course, this means that they get a better return on their efforts.

It is admittedly a bit nerdy. But I own it.

Why do I do this kind of work? Because making the work experience better, making businesses more profitable, and supporting learning for individuals and organizations helps everybody. Not only in that workplace, but in the families and communities that workplace touches. The ripple effects are endless, for good and for ill. It is sometimes hard work. And, I love it. It is enormously creative, intellectually challenging, and in the end, deeply meaningful when people find sustainable ways to change, adapt, grow.

We take a holistic approach to everything we do. From 1:1 executive coaching, to training, to consulting, meeting design and facilitation, we want to see the big picture — your big picture. We get to know you, your team, your organization, and we help you improve leadership effectiveness, strengthen culture, enhance talent practices, and develop other growth strategies.

We are partners and collaborators who make the work as “sticky” as possible so you and your team can own it going forward. We give you the tools, insights, and accountability to build sustainable high performance at the individual, team, and organizational levels so you can continue to succeed in territories that are new and unfamiliar.